The City Without Jews (1924)


Live music from renowned musicians Donald Sosin (Keyboards) and Alicia Svigals (Violin) followed by a conversation about antisemitism led by the Greenfield Human Rights Commission.

In the Republic of Utopia, because of the bad economic crisis ailing the nation, the Jews are made the scapegoats for the economic and social ills affecting the population; therefore, the government decides to expel them. Leo Strakosch is among the exiled. He is engaged to Counsellor's Linder's daughter. He gets into the Republic, in a clandestine way, to show to the society the wrongness of their anti-semitic prejudice. Bettauer's novel differs essentially from the film version. "Vienna" was named "Utopia". Even a happy ending was provided.

CAST: Johannes Riemann, Hans Moser, Karl Tema, Anny Miletty, Eugen Neufeld, Ferdinand Mayerhofer

DIRECTOR: H.K. Breslauer

RUN TIME: 80 min

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