A Note From Garden Cinemas

Effective immediately the Greenfield Garden theater will close until at least May 29th. We have been following all the best guidance base on science and industry leaders to make decisions. Because the Governor has restricted the sale of food served on premises even though we could sell up to 25 tickets per theater we can no longer operate. As many of you may understand up to 70% of all ticket sales go to the movie studios. Our ability to continue to operate based on even the smallest attendance is dependent upon concession sales.

We are fully in support of the Governor's actions and want to do everything that is possible to help our community in these troubling times. We are especially worried for our many employees who depend on the income from the theater to supplement and meet their basic needs.

Many of you know that we have been working with the building owner to replace the chairlift and improve handicapped accessibility to our theaters. The demolition work associated with this is done, construction on the chairlift itself is due to begin 3/23. We are uncertain what if any delay this will cause to the construction, we hope that when we re-open we will be fully accessible for mechanical wheelchairs in theaters 1 - 5. Many of you know that we are also in the process of purchasing the building. We are uncertain what, if any, impact this will have on our purchase of the building, but it is our hope that when we reopen we will be the new building owners.

We estimate that we have about $30,000 in fixed costs (leases, insurance, lessened but existing utilities, license agreements etc.) that we will not be able to forgo if we are shut down for as much as 8 weeks as suggested by Dr. Fauci. We are using this time to make additional investments in the theater. Beginning tomorrow we will start installing insulation into theaters 4 & 5 to help with heating, cooling, energy efficiency and sound-proofing. We are also working immediately on our plan of safety improvements as recommended by the Greenfield Building Inspector. We hope to come out better than we went in for our patrons.

We deeply appreciate the patronage of our loyal customers. We know that many of you are afraid right now and ask you not to worry about us, but to take this time to be with your families if you can, to look out for one another. We join Tom Hanks in his great spirit of facing this challenge and say "There's no crying in baseball." We hope very much to see you all at the movies when we re-open. For those of you asking we have no plans to start a GoFundMe, we think everyone is facing a very hard time. Those who insist on helping, we recommend purchasing gift cards online at gardencinemas.net for Easter baskets or as Passover gifts.

This is truly a historic and challenging time for our industry, our community, our nation, and our world. We believe that just as the heroes in our favorite movies, we will band together to overcome this momentous challenge. We look forward to the day when they are making movies about how we too overcame.

Thank you all so very much and please be safe.

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